Posted November 16, 2012 by michael_g in News

Firmware update for Popcorn Hour A-400

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media player,media server,streaming movies,streaming video,video streaming,media center,streaming videos,hd player,streamer

After just being released, Syabas Technology put out an update for the Popcorn Hour A-400 this morning.With this firmware update they still have a bunch of known bugs they are working, but they managed to fix a good amount also.


Firmware version : 05-01-121113-24-POP-422-000


  • Fixed some 3D files cannot play in sequence
  • Fixed 3D mkv get screen corrupted when there is subtitle
  • Fixed subtitle cannot be shown when playing back 3D side-by-side-full-frame mkv
  • Fixed sub/idx subtitle can cause playback to hang when resume from bookmark
  • Fixed certain sub/idx subtitle with wrong info may hang the playback
  • Fixed pgs subtitle does not get clear at the correct time problem
  • Fixed pgs subtitle in mkv does not show after seek or trick mode
  • Fixed mp3 cannot seek after playback for more than 50% of the song, in playlist mode.
  • Fixed mkv black out after seek
  • Fixed crash when start playback at youtube app
  • Fixed avi cannot be played when framerate sync is turn on
  • Fixed 3D movie show wrong tv resolution at info bar during playback
  • Fixed 3D mkv cannot seek
  • Fixed sometimes screen remain black out after the end of movie playback
  • Fixed wrong osd info during dvd playback
  • Fixed sometimes m2ts elapse time become 0 after fast forward
  • Fixed changing 3D setting at setup page will only take effect after reboot
  • Fixed daylight saving for timezone GMT -9:30 does not get turn on at the correct date
  • Fixed second splashscreen does not show out when tv mode is auto
  • Fixed file and folder copy fail when the pathname have open or close bracket
  • Fixed NMJ scanning progress bar sometimes wrongly shown as done
  • Fixed error when access NMJ audio “By Album” page
  • Fixed Jukebox Manager after proceed to delete all operation, go to add folder page will show error
  • Fixed delete item issue at wall
  • Remove redundant prompt when create NMJ database for read-only samba share
  • Fixed login authentication popup sometimes appears on the left on the screen
  • Fixed cannot access to added, password protected shared folder
  • Enable UI customization using “.home/index.phf” at mass storage devices

Added features

  • Support 3D side-by-side-full-frame mkv that does not have aspect ratio specified
  • Support AVCHD disc playback
  • Color/size/position setting for external subtitle for simple BD
  • Faster 3D movie start time when playback from harddisk
  • Set default srt subtitle font size to bigger
  • Remember volume setting when exit playback
  • Improve accuracy of progress bar when doing copy
  • Updated german and hungarian language files
  • Added czech language files
  • Added marquee effect if the filename is too long in audio page
  • Added multilanguage support for help page
  • NMJ update will end quickly if it found that no changes is made to the folders involve
  • Enable fade transition effect