Posted August 4, 2012 by michael_g in News

Plex available on Samsung Smart TV

media streamer,music streamer,HTPC
media streamer,music streamer,HTPC

While Plex is available on Roku and LG TV’s just yesterday Plex announced they have created a Plex app for Samsung TV’s and Blu-ray players. While not available on every Samsung device here is a list of whats supported right now. They are adding support for 2012 models so I’m sure they will be supported soon. Plex for Samsung devices supports Half SBS and Half TAB 3D content and at the moment only supports external .srt subtitles.

Supported files

























Feature list

  • browsing through your Movie and TV-Show library
  • watching your Movies and TV-Shows
  • Auto detect of your Plex Media Servers in your network
  • Audio output will be set automatically to Dolby Digital, DTS or PCM depending what your audio file is (can be disabled)
  • Support for external .srt subtitle files (See FAQ for how to implement subs correctly)
  • While you watch you can fastforward and fastrewind (2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x)
  • If you want to watch more than just one episode, enable autoplay and it will automatically start the next episode
  • If you watch Movies / TV Show Episodes and they are in 4:3 you can stretch them to 16:9
  • Saving your progress from your Movies and TV-Show episodes (even when you are watching every 20sec)
  • Continue your Movies and TV-Shows from where you stopped them
  • Will set your Movies and TV-Shows as watched when you finished them
  • Theme music will be played when you enter the TV-Show (can be disabled)
  • You can set a Movie, TV-Show, TV Show Season or a single Episode as watched/unwatched
  • 3D support for Side-By-Side, Top-And-Bottom content (see FAQ how to make it work)
  • The following features are only available for D-Series (2011) models:
  • Delete your videos
  • Support for multiple audio tracks